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Marine Insurance

We provide protection for you and your vessel

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Marine Insurance

Providing innovative solutions for even the most complex or unusual risks.

Key beneifts:

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    Cover for yachts and dinghies including catamarans
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    Liability for passengers and third parties
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    Cover for skipper and bareboat charters
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    Liability for waterskiers or people towed on Ringos or similar ‘toys’
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    Special rates for sailing clubs, associations and affinity groups
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    Personal Accident insurance
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    Underwater gear cover

At Arthur J. Gallagher, we provide insurance for a wide range of yachts and small crafts as well as cover for sailing clubs. We provide protection for you and your vessel from the likelihood of accidents, loss or damage, whether at sea or in transit.

Our expertise in marine insurance enables us to provide innovative solutions for even the most complex or unusual risks.

We also offer personal accident and liability insurance for clubs, individuals and affinity groups and assist owners of the smallest dinghies through to multi-million pound ocean-going yachts.

By using the services of top UK pleasure craft insurers, you can rely on us to source the most comprehensive cover available at competitive prices.

Full Terms and Conditions can be found in the policy wording

Why Quotedesk?

We aim to match your needs. Our policies are also able to provide a wide variety of add-ons created with your needs in mind.

These companies, each with substantial experience in their own specific field of insurance, are all part of the Arthur J. Gallagher group and have been brought together by Quotedesk to offer an unrivalled choice to our customers.

“With the united strength of specialist insurance companies, our goal is to offer a complete range of insurances.”



  • Arthur J. Gallagher is one of the largest insurance brokers in the world, which means we have huge buying power to get better insurance rates for our customers

  • As a broker we can also negotiate exclusive special rates directly with insurers

  • As one of the largest and oldest brokers in the world (trading since 1927) there isn’t much we can’t insure, giving you comfort that you can come to us for all your insurance needs whether these are personal or business related


Check out some of the brands opposite that are part of 
Arthur J. Gallagher who collectively manage the insurance needs for over 400k UK customers and growing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you need boat insurance?

While it is not usually a legal requirement on most waters, having appropriate cover make sound financial sense. Marine mortgage companies for instance insist on compulsory insurance as part of their money lending process. However, there are two stand-out reasons why boat insurance is not a ‘would like to have’ but a ‘must have’:

  1. Firstly you have to protect your capital investment against loss or damage which ultimately could result in a large and costly repair bill if the worst were to happen.

  2. Secondly having adequate boat insurance can help to protect you against any third party liability for injury or damage caused by you or your vessel.  Third party liability is usually the most frequent claim we receive when it comes to boat insurance

What does boat insurance cover and exclude?

We cover the following risks:

  • Fire/Explosion

  • Theft/Attempted theft

  • Vandalism/Piracy

  • Storm

  • Contact with third party objects

  • Your negligence

The following are excluded:

  • Wear, tear, depreciation or gradual deterioration

  • Gradual breakdown

  • Corrosion or electrolysis

  • Deliberate acts of negligence or recklessness under the influence of alcohol or drugs

If I lend my boat to a friend, will they be covered under the policy?

Yes, provided they are doing so with your permission and you are confident in their ability to handle the boat.

If I change the boats’ permanent mooring location, do I need to advise you?

Yes, you must advise us of any relevant changes to your own or the boat’s circumstances throughout the year

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We’ll be happy to advise you.

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