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Non-standard or Thatched home

Full Accidental Damage cover automatically included

We understand that your thatched house needs a special kind of insurance.

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Non-standard or Thatched home insurance

£2,500 valuables at the home covered as standard

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    Policy underwritten by Royal Sun Alliance
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    Free frozen food, credit card and money cover
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    £2,500 valuables at the home covered as standard
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    Legal expenses cover available
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    Free survey of the property for any properties with wood burning stoves
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    Survey for properties with combined sum insured of over £750k
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    Discounts available for fire protection

Searching for thatch insurance can be a difficult task, especially given the limited number of specialist providers available in the market. We understand that your thatched house needs a special kind of insurance, which is why we work with insurers who understand the specific risks associated with thatched properties

Our thatched house insurance policy has full Accidental Damage upon cover automatically included as standard and can be tailored to meet your individual requirements.

Full Terms and Conditions can be found in the policy wording

Why Quotedesk?

We aim to match your needs. Our policies are also able to provide a wide variety of add-ons created with your needs in mind.

These companies, each with substantial experience in their own specific field of insurance, are all part of the Arthur J. Gallagher group and have been brought together by Quotedesk to offer an unrivalled choice to our customers.

“With the united strength of specialist insurance companies, our goal is to offer a complete range of insurances.”



  • Arthur J. Gallagher is one of the largest insurance brokers in the world, which means we have huge buying power to get better insurance rates for our customers

  • As a broker we can also negotiate exclusive special rates directly with insurers

  • As one of the largest and oldest brokers in the world (trading since 1927) there isn’t much we can’t insure, giving you comfort that you can come to us for all your insurance needs whether these are personal or business related


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of thatch?

Water Reed/Norfolk Reed is the best quality thatch available and the most durable. This thatch has a compact even texture with clean cut edges and can last up to 50 years. It is also the least combustible.

Combed Wheat/Devon Reed is not reed at all, but winter wheat straw. However, its appearance and application are similar to that of reed. The life expectancy is 25 to 35 years.

Long Straw in appearance has a much softer, rounder shape and is generally deeper than reed or combed wheat. This is the material favoured in much of Southern England and East Anglia. However, Long Straw is more combustible than reed due to its open structure when applied.

Fibre Thatch is an unusual type of roofing and is made of glass reinforced plastic. It is made in sheets and moulded and coloured to look like thatch. This roofing systems has had its problems and very few properties still have this type of roof

Does the depth of the thatch effect my insurance?

Thatch is an excellent insulator, therefore the deeper the thatch, the more the roof is susceptible to heat build up, where the flue/chimney is adjacent to the thatch. It is therefore recommended that the depth of the thatch is kept to less than 1 meter.

Are there fire proofing products available?

There is a product known as Thatchbatts available. These are barriers that can be fitted to the joists to provide a 60 minute barrier, often used in conjunction with aluminum foil. Although this is unlikely to stop a fire starting, it will reduce the amount of damage below the joists. It also reduces the amount of water penetrating down into the house. However, this can only be fitted when the roof is being rethatched (i.e the thatch is completely removed).

Why does the chimney to my wood burner need to be lined?

We would always recommend that in a thatched building, all chimneys should be fitted with an appropriate lining. However, solid fuel stoves are the greatest risk due to the temperatures that flue gases can reach and the heat transfer to the thatch.

How much should I insure my property for?

Your property should be insured for the total rebuilding cost, not the market value. In order to ascertain this information we would recommend that you contact a professional valuer or surveyor.

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